We offer the following services:

Office Relocation

We offer office relocations, this includes equipment, supplies, chairs, and overall any office furniture. Our duty is to help you get back into business as soon as possible.

Residential Relocation

We provide great moving service, no matter where you live in Florida. We will make sure to have your supply and goods relocated at a great time, no matter what!

Storage, Packing and Moving

We not only offer regular moving services, we also offer storaging. Making sure that your item are well secured. Also we can bring the supplies to your door, and you only pay for what you use (boxes, packing paper, tape, etc).

Commercial Moving

We work with business owners, as a commercial business. We can also move storage units, business parks, assist facilities, etc.

Senior Moving Special

Sarasota is becoming a niche of a lot of retired people, that came from different cities to live in the nicest city that has the famous white sand beaches. So we offer a special service, that we guarantee satisfaction.

Medical Appointment and wheelchair transportation

We offer transportation from the commodity of your home to your medical appointment. We guarantee safety, and if we are late you don’t pay.

About US

You deserve a top of the line service which we will provide and you will not regret it

We are a young company that is growing rapidly because of the fast growth of the city, the one we call the white paradise because of the nicest beaches that we have here in Sarasota, Florida.

Our goal is to excel customer satisfaction and customer expectation, and we won't stop until we reach those expectations.

We are known for our skills like care, safety, reliability, honesty, and much more.


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